Two New Crew Members...

Larry Heydorn has joined us as our narrator and Katelynn Rosamilia has accepted the re-occurring role as Carmen Kovacs in upcoming Shadow Realm Adventure stories.

I met both cast members through my friend Armand Rosamilia. Larry is a Writer and Podcaster. Katelynn has Co-Authored a book with her father and I enjoyed her voice on a Podcast episode Armand recorded so I reached out to her..

There are a lot of interesting things coming in the future. I am always changing and trying new things within the episodes. I am still not completely happy with the background settings for the frames but practice makes perfect.

I posted the t-shirt design today so now I can refocus on Episode 5 of the Shadow Realm Adventures. I am also working on a new Bedtime Story about Irish Witches. I want to redesign a new logo for the Bedtime Stories so look for that too.

Chat soon...

2018 a new year

I just posted Episode 4 in the Shadow Realm Adventures.

This episode introduces Voice Actress Molly McGivern to our cast as "The Morrigan".

My 2018 goals include posting Liam and Seamus episodes faster and writing more Bedtime stories. I plan to also include new still images for Instagram and other media platforms.

I really have to sit down and figure out a patronage platform for future sponsors.

In future episodes you will continue to see the project promoting Brooklyn Chamber Businesses in location backgrounds.

Thank you for having an interest in this project.


A new begining...

Sorry it has been a few weeks since I have had an entry in this blog.

A lot of new changes in my life lately. I took on a new job and I am trying to relocate my home to the new town I am working in. These life changes have slowed down Liam and Seamus production by a few weeks.

Here is what is in the works:

We have a new jingle for the Bedtime Stories coming.

We have three new writers working on both the Shadow Realm story line and Bedtime Stories. I will also continue to write for both projects but I thought it would be nice to bring in other talent as well.

We are introducing a new voice actress in episode 4 her name is Molly McGivern. We also have another voice actress named Katelynn Rosamilia coming up in future episodes.

I have added one more staff member Theresa Kuehnle who will be our merchandise model.

I am continuing to work with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce on future projects including Sponsorships.

I have also spoken to Mary Moriarty (published Romance Author) about partnering on writing a future pocketbook short story book full of Liam and Seamus stories.

Chat soon.





Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

I am proud to announce that the Liam and Séamus Project has joined the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce as an active member.

The pitch was to add Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce member businesses into our webisodes as backgrounds promoting them including tourists locations. The goal is to increase viewership while promoting the city of Brooklyn. We are really looking forward to working with the Chamber.

BCC Member BLACK.png

New opening webisode music coming and Twitter

We are teaming up with Dominic Cromie for a new music intro for our Liam and Seamus Project. I love to find fun people to work with. We worked on the lyrics all day today.

Dominic will be adding the music this week.

We created a Twitter account to expand our viewership. It will be slow going but we believe it is worth the energy.

Later this week we are submitting our application the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. If it is received and we join this project, will begin to promote Brooklyn and hopefully grow our viewership faster.

The project is important to me because it shares the good in me and my love of history. I also believe the world needs humor as often as it can receive it.

I just added Instagram

Here is the Instagram account link

I have future news about the series but I am waiting on a few emails before I can share the information.

I can tell you I am writing episode 2 for the Liam and Seamus Bedtime Stories. I hope to be done this week and then I need to get it edited. It takes Rob O'Dyer a week to record so hopefully in two weeks I can post that episode.

Hang in there we have a lot of things going on many of wish we hope you enjoy.

King Brian Meets a Pooka

The voice of Liam and Séamus Rob O'Dyer just recorded the first Liam and Séamus Bedtime Stories". King Brian Meets A Pooka is posted under the Bedtime Stories menu bar tab button. We hope to bring you more stories of Ireland's legends and lore soon.

The third episode of Liam and Séamus in the "Shadow Realm Adventures" also posted this week. You can also find that episode on the menu bar under Episodes.

Last evening I spent the night e-mailing two pages of American Irish Organizations about this project trying to increase the viewership. Crossing my fingers.

This week I would like to create a thumbnail image for King Brian Meets A Pooka so I can load it onto YouTube and hopefully I can find a few seconds to start writing episode four for the Shadow Realm Adventures.

I still have a few screen print orders to finish but it will all get done somehow. Lol

To Be Continued...

Waiting for episode 3 to be recorded than I have to edit the sound track and prepare the slide show.

Meanwhile I have a few screen print projects to finish coming up. These projects are going to slow me down for a few weeks but I will find the time to begin writing episode 4.

Stay tune for some real cool things in the world of Liam and Séamus.

Welcome Knuckles O'Shea and Twitchy O'Neill to our world.

I am trying to make every episode better than the one before. In the upcoming episode 4 you will get to meet, "The Morrigan" (Great Queen) of the Tuatha Dé Danann known in Irish mythology as the foretelling of doom and the collector of souls during battle. Picture her like a Valkyrie in Norse mythology. She will be visiting our fella's Liam and Séamus along with Connia son of Cúchulainn who goes by the name Richard Black now. Richard died at his father's hands during a berserker rage. The Morrigan spared his life and brought him through the mist into the future to the 1600's. He only non human ability is his longevity but he can die by violence or natural accident. He has been training all that time to help Liam with The Morrigan's old prophecy.

"In the time when men of good hearts act no more, a cub from the Emerald Lion’s loins shall arise having been raised by the Tuatha Dé, to champion in the future against that which is evil."       

"In the time when men of good hearts act no more, a cub from the Emerald Lion’s loins shall arise having been raised by the Tuatha Dé, to champion in the future against that which is evil."       

Prophecy by Anulan mac Cormac Cas

The Morrigan will also bring 2 new characters into Liam and Séamus's world. Introducing Knuckles O'Shea (a Fae Brownee) and Twitchy O'Neill (a Fae Fairy). The Fae are decendants of the original Tuatha Dé Danann. Knuckles is a grumpy character, he is about 12 inches tall. Twitchy is well named, he is very well liked but is a abundance of energy. Twichy is about 6 inches tall. Knuckles bosses Twichy around a lot but Twichy doesn't mind because he is so gentle natured.

Stay tuned...


Patreon is up and running.

Major goal today completed the Patreon page is set up so I can gain support for this project.

Fun news I have some new software to play around with. Voice Changer 7 let you alter your voice for different characters and Crazy Talk 7 gives you the ability to let your character talk. I am looking into Crazy Talk 8 too. The goal is to have the fellas (Liam and Séamus) talk to the viewers directly through short videos. They can give updates or comment on their favorite restaurants and snacks. So I am looking into the most efficient way to accomplish that without eating up a lot of valuable creation time.

Final bit of news I decided besides adding, "Knuckles O'Shea" my new Fae Brownie character to episode 4 and he will have a little Fae Fairy friend named, "Twitchy". I am considering voicing Twitchy myself.


What's in a number?

To say I am excited is an understatement.

I had an appointment with an accountant yesterday and gained valuable business information. I also filed for a Tax ID number and declared my company name.

I debated about what to call my small little company. O'Briant Media was my first choice but then I had a flash of brilliance. What if I name it after the guy my whole Irish Clan is named after. The O'Briant's are a small branch of the larger O'Brien Clan. After the death of High King Brian Boru (1014 A.D.) my Clan reformed and named themselves Ui Briain/O'Briain/O'Brien. Basically we are the descendants of Brian, that is what our "O' represents.  So I started my own company named Boru Media. "Boru" was King Brian's title but it has a cool sound to it.

I also start building the "Patreon" account. Patreon is a website company that is set up for creators to show their work and offer extra content to members who value their efforts. The member pledge money to support the creator so they can cover their costs while they continue to create. I am hoping to get enough of a following to start paying the voice actors per episode.

One day closer...

I feel very accomplished today.

I wrote to an accountant trying to set up an appointment to discuss getting a tax number and to ask a ton of tax related questions.

I wrote to POP Gourmet Popcorn about sponsorship.

I reached out to Rob O'Dwer voice of Liam and Séamus to see how the recording of episode 3 is going. Hope to post it in the next two weeks.

Chatted with the lovely Reaghan Reilly voice of Terri Tobias and soon to voice the Irish Goddess "The Morrigan" in episode 4.

Off to bed.

In the beginning...

Very happy to have this website up and running. I want to thank my life long friend Kerry Mills for putting 500.00 dollars into this project which allowed me to purchase the domain and buy the website at

I have to reach out to Reaghan Reilly in the next few days to see if she is up to voicing The Morrigan in the upcoming episode 4.

I spoke to Molly McGivern about voicing our new character Knuckles O'Shea. I am very excited to work with her.

Rob O'Dwyer the voice of Liam and Séamus is also voicing a new character named Richard Black.

I need to get a tax number and talk to an accountant about accepting donations and I am trying to figure out how I can begin to start paying the voice actors per episode.

I hope to have a account set up soon.

Off to bed.